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NPS Offers Preferential Service to Professional Nikon Photographers:

Nikon Professional Services provides valuable assistance for pros in every segment of the photography field, including newspaper, industrial, police and forensic, medical photography, commercial studios, wedding and portrait studios, audio-visual production houses and even special movie productions.

And, of course, we've long been known for our intensive coverage of field events. NPS is also available to work with national photographic organizations offering advice and assistance, demonstrating the latest Nikon products, and lecturing on various photography topics. Let NPS help you take the world's greatest pictures. Nikon understands that your product is very important to you. To expedite servicing your product, you will have exclusive access via Nikon’s Service and Support network. There are absolutely no costs involved in joining NPS, only important benefits designed to help you.

How To become a member:

  • E-mail Nikon Professional Services:
  • Tell us about your photography
  • Include your Company *USPS mailing address
  • Request an invitation to join
  • You will need to meet the qualifying requirements below after you receive an invitation code

To qualify:

  • NPS Sponsor (current member to verify that you are a full-time photographer)
  • Professional Work Information
  • Ownership of a minimum of 2 Nikon Professional Digital Bodies and 3 NIKKOR or DX NIKKOR lenses

Each application will be processed on an individual basis. Then, after this information has been verified and approved, you'll receive your NPS membership card with all its privileges.

*To qualify for Nikon Professional Services, in the United States, you must operate your photographic business full-time within the United States.

Contact Us

Nikon Professional Services
1300 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, New York 11747-3064
Phone: (631) 547-4397

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